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History of The Pride Alumni Band

There has always been a great sense of dedication and commitment by all students who have endured the training and necessary testing that goes along with achieving membership in the Pride of Cuyahoga Falls, the Tiger Marching Band. Past members have always longed for the chance to return to their home field and march again.

In 1969, one former student was determined to make this happen. Camping out at every rehearsal, football game, etc., she convinced then director, Robert H. Feldbush, to let alumni march at the “Preview of Bands”. It was a small group, only enough to stretch from one sideline to the other, wearing whatever yellow shirt they could find. It was a one-time shot, no rehearsal. They started at one end zone and played “Tiger Rag” (doing the 6-to-5) straight down the field. The crowd was amazed, and the Alumni Band was born.

Over the next several years, participation was spread by word-of-mouth, rehearsals were established, routines and a concert number were added. Each year saw more and more alumni wanting to participate. During the ‘80s, the formal Pride Alumni Band Association was established. Our logo was born and it became a formidable organization.

The Pride Alumni Band Association was again on the move in the ‘90s with filing and receiving our own 501(c)3 designation, which allows us to help in fundraising events. The funds we receive help to offset the costs of the annual newsletter, provides each graduating senior with their Pride t-shirt, sponsors a scholarship for a graduating senior, and contributes annually in whatever way it can to the current band. Recently, the Pride helped by buying a brand new sousaphone and new cymbals.

This could not have been achieved without the help and support of both past and current directors, announcers, Board of Education members, the Mayor and certainly the past members of the Pride of Cuyahoga Falls, the Tiger Marching Band.

Today, the Pride is a highly-regarded organization in the community and if not the largest, one of the largest high school alumni band organizations in the nation. In addition to the “Preview of Bands” band show, we participate in the Cuyahoga Falls Memorial Day parade, the Stow Fourth of July parade and various other community activities and benefits.

All this came from the desire to come home “ONE MORE TIME”.