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A note from Mr. Curfman

Hi All –

I just took a look at our pre-registrations for the 2021 Alumni Band.  The Numbers look great so far! There are, however, a few problems that you can help address…

We had 23 “Squad-mate” requests and there were 15 people requested that have not pre-registered; this has been a problem in the past. Sooo, please reach out to the folks that you asked to be in your squad and encourage/insist that they go online and register – Thanks!

Instrumentation is looking good, with the exception of Alto/Tenor Saxes and Baritones. Please reach-out to your friends and encourage them to join us.  Again, Thanks!

The deadline for online pre-registration is mid-night Friday the 13th – so, time is of the essence… (And, as always, if you haven’t pre-registered, no problem, show up early for rehearsal and we will register you then.)

I look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!
Mr. Curfman