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A tradition of Pride and Dedication

Pride Alumni Director Scott Curfman discusses tradition, our 50th anniversary in 2019, and why we come home “One More Time”.

A note from Mr. Curfman regarding some details for this year’s show is below.

Hello to my “PRIDE” Alumni Band Friends!

As I said last year, “It has been my pleasure and my HONOR to have spent over 25 years working with the “PRIDE” Alumni Band and I hope to keep it going into the future! You have an Executive Board and Committee that does tireless work behind the scenes to make our efforts pay-off. Our Alumni Band is one of the largest, if not the largest, organizations of its type in the country and the future looks bright!”

The “PRIDE” Alumni Band is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 2019! We hope to have over 200 members for our August show, including Majorettes and Walk-Ons, to honor this momentous occasion – PLAN NOW TO JOIN US. You may choose to march the show or come learn the Concert number “My Way” and simply walk-on, play and walk off. We will rehearse the concert number very early during the indoor part of the rehearsals on both Sunday and Monday for the convenience of the “Walk-Ons.” All participants, including Walk-ons, need to attend at least one rehearsal to be eligible to perform at the show on Tuesday, Aug. 13th . The new online registration form, used for the first time last year, worked great and we hope that all of you will use it this year (you may still register on-site on rehearsal days). Online registration helps tremendously with both squad assignments and with the instrument loan details.

Thoughts and information “for the good of the order” include:

1 – Directors for 2019 will be Mr. Dustin Harris, Mr. Scott Curfman and we are very pleased to announce that Mr. Bob Feldbush has agreed to conduct the concert number, “My Way!”

2 – At the August 2018 “Preview of Bands” we performed a new drill/music routine to “Eye of the Tiger” and “More” that was very well received. We will return to that combo next year. This year, we will once again feature the complete drill and music presentation of “More!” This Tiger Band Tradition has served us well for over 40 years and the committee felt that it is appropriate to do it “One More Time!”

3 – You will still need to visit the tables as a part of the registration for the Sunday/Monday rehearsals. The Band Block that we have been using for the past several years allowed for 28 squads and a membership of from 84 to 140 players. To accommodate the increased size for our 50th , we will use a block of 40 squads that will accommodate from 120 to 200 players! Obviously you all will need to be flexible – you will most likely be assigned to a different squad than previous years. Know in advance that I appreciate your willingness to adjust! (Percussionists please note that the current Tiger Band will have new equipment this Fall which means that the current instruments will be available!)

4 – Please understand that those of you who request placement in squads with your friends, need to be flexible. DO NOT request grouping of more than 3 people. I try to honor these requests, but it is very hard and the “no-shows,” that have been registered by a friend, have caused HUGE problems for the band. You must communicate with your squad-mates in advance and ALL of the members asking to be together need to be pre-registered on-line and all players need to request the same joint placements – THANKS!

5 – Majorettes, please plan to attend BOTH rehearsals if humanly possible…

In the Fellowship of the “PRIDE!”
Scott Curfman
Director – “Tiger Band” – 1991 – 2004; Associate Director – “Pride” Alumni Band – 2004 and Beyond!!